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Clearance! Storage is overfull and space is needed for new things coming in. Any book or software listed here is free with any purchase regardless of what the price may say – or as many as you want for the $10.00 minimum. Please remember to ask me for a Media Mail shipping quote! Things may disappear at any moment as recycling trips have begun

Hardware is priced correctly to help cover packaging time and expenses. Most are free for local pickup.

These items may or may not work with Apple computers. They may or may not work at all if I have no way to check them. Consider all as Untested and Sold As-Is, no warranty, no returns, feel free to ask questions, but I list what little I know with each item.

The total order must be $10 minimum for the U.S. and $20 for other countries – not counting shipping before adding any item from the Bargain Bin. The weight and dimensions of your bargain will be added to the total shipping cost of all items. The checkout page currently cannot require this minimum purchase, so you must be responsible. Your order will be refunded less $0.50 for the Paypal charge to me after the refund if you do not follow the minimum purchase guidelines. Some of the larger items like printers and monitors are being sold for only the packaging fee or are free for local pickup.

Books and Software Bargains

Hardware Bargains

Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 Printer

Localtalk, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422 Serial, Centronics Parallel

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LaserWriter Pro 630, Model M5890

• introduced 1993.01.01; discontinued 1994.09.01
• CPU: 25 MHz 68030
• ROM: 2 MB
• RAM: 8 MB, expandable to 32 MB using 80ns 72-pin RAM (2 slots)
• resolution: 600 dpi
• speed: 8 pages per minute
• minimum life: 450,000
• engine: Canon EX
• interfaces: Ethernet, LocalTalk, RS-232, Parallel
• languages: PostScript 2, HP LaserJet IIP (PCL4+)
• size (H/W/D): 12.1″ x 16.82″ x 16.9″
• weight: 39 lb.
• power supply: 560W

Last one! It has a bit more discoloration than the one pictured. And likely has minor scuffs and scratches. **While I initially got it to work with some rubber rejuivenator on the top delivery rollers, this time around it is a no go although still jamming in that area. So the print is coming out fine, it just isn't delivering it to the top.** Sold as-is.

They still have a long life yet, pages printed range from 6196 to 44791. Out of at least 450,000. Testing done with Appletalk, Apple Printer Utility and OS 9.1.

Unknown toner levels although all include a cart, 8MB RAM, letter tray, and startup and configuration pages. No cables included, but a power cable free upon request if you need one.

Please note that I do not repair printers. Pretty much they work or they don’t. I may swap a minor part or two if needed. All may need basic cleaning inside and servicing.

Product not in stock

Price: $35.00

Laser Toner Cartridge EP-S SX

LaserWriter II and many others!

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HP 92295A or 95A, Apple M6002

Toner Cartridge for Apple LaserWriter II, HP LaserJet II, III, Canon LBP
and other SX, EPS based printers.

In stock are new HP and compatible cartridges (various brands), select below. All boxes have been opened, but the inner bags are still sealed.

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Combination of product variants is not available
Product in stock

Price: from $5.00

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Plextor 4 Plex Plus CD-ROM Drive


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Plextor 4 Plex Plus internal SCSI caddy load CD-ROM drive, Model PX-43CE. This drive powers on, but is unable to load a CD from Mac OS 9.1. The On/Busy light flashes when a CD is inserted. Sold as-is

Product not in stock

Price: $5.00

Sony Battery Charger BC-V615

NP-F330 and F550

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Sony BCV615 Camcorder/Mavica Battery Charger for DCRVX2100 and HDRFX1

This charger for NP-F330/F550 Batteries will quickly put maximum power back in your camera.
It looks like this may also work with additional batteries, please do your research.

Unable to test this, so Sold as-is, no returns.

Product in stock

Price: $0.00

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Sony Cable Mouse – Cable Box Controller


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Sony Cable Mouse 2.1, Cable Box Controller RM-CM101. It looks like it may be new. I have no way of testing it, so sold-as-is. It looks like it is compatible with at least the Sony SLV-N71 and SLV-N81 VCR's.

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Price: $0.00

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