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Memory PC2-5300 PC5300 DDR2 Ram iMac, MacBook, Mini

200 Pin Ram for Intel Macs

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PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz, 200 pin SO-DIMM
Apple Numbers:
(MA344G/A 256MB)
(MA345G/A 512MB)
(MA346G/A 1GB)
(MA370G/A 2GB)

iMac (Early 2006 - Mid 2007)
MacBook Pro (Late 2006 - Early 2008)
MacBook (Early 2006 - Early 2008)
Mac Mini (Early 2006 - Mid 2007)

Select below. Memory is from different manufacturers, and all was used and tested in one of the computers listed above.

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All Categories » Intel Macs » Memory (Intel)