Shipping Rate Increase January 27th 2019!

The US Postal Service announced an increase in postage and shipping rates, Domestic and International rates will go up on January 27th, 2019. That is this coming Sunday. As we are closed on Saturday, cut off time for any orders to be shipped at the current rate is 11 AM Mountain Standard Time on Friday, January 25 2019. Any orders placed after 11 AM MST will be shipped on Monday and you will be invoiced for the shipping increase.

***Please note that we may still not be physically able to process and ship certain items that you order before the rate increase, so additional invoicing may still apply. We will contact you if this is the case.

Colorado Sales Tax and Shipping – Attention Colorado Residents

As of December 1st, 2018, we are now required to collect all applicable local sales tax (yours) in addition to the previously collected state sales tax on anything shipped inside the State of Colorado.

It will be outside the scope of this website to be able to accurately calculate and add that to your purchases. It is also more time than I have or want to spend to calculate all of your local taxes prior to a sale and report them.

There will be no more shipping inside the State of Colorado, effective immediately. Sales here at my shop are always welcome.

Remove your PRAM Batteries!

I will admit that I have been fortunate until recently which led to being lax about removing PRAM batteries from the computers that come in. Well, it has finally caught up with me and a ROM 3 Apple IIGS.

The alkaline batteries that are in the early compact Macs can and will leak over time – we have all see that in other devices that we use every day. Fortunately, the Battery compartment is exterior on the back of those Macs, so shielding the potential mess from the interior of the computer.

Starting with the Macintosh II series all the way up to the G5 and including the Apple IIGS, most use a 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium battery used to keep our settings and the time and date among other things. While there are many many manufacturers of these batteries, the most urgent ones to find are the red Maxell pictured below. They can and have and do explode! Many of the others may or may not eventually start to leak.


Looking around the internet after the fact, this is a common issue and well documented on the site. Unfortunately, it will take me time to catch up to every Mac and IIGS that I have here in inventory and remove the batteries, so I hope for the best. So many I have already removed are the original batteries dated in the late 80’s.

If you use any of these computers regularly, please just replace the batteries when they are no longer doing their job. For the rest of us that don’t use our treasures very often, or may have them buried in the attic or basement, it is past time to remove these batteries before they destroy our computers.

There are a few Macs that will not boot without a PRAM battery or will show odd symptoms when it needs to be replaced, so that should be one of the first things you check.

By the way! This is also a good time to look at the regular battery on your Portable, PowerBook, iBook, and MacBook model that you may have to make sure that they don’t show signs of swelling.

International Shipping

International shipping is by USPS Priority Mail International ONLY.

The shopping cart calculator does not work correctly with International shipping at the present time, so is not active. Please – Request a shipping quote. Upon your approval, an invoice will be sent to you via Paypal.