Apple Disk II Drive Parts


Housing and parts for the Disk II Drive

Everything is sold individually, 1 foot or 1 screw, for example. These are parts from a non-functioning drive, usually because of alignment issues. Case or housing may have scratches, etc. but generally not too bad. If this is a concern, please contact me before ordering. Analog Boards are repaired if needed and working correctly.

  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case (w/feet)
  • Case Screws (Upper to Lower Case)
  • Case Screws (Lower Case to Drive)
  • Feet
  • Analog Board
  • Analog Screws
  • Interface Cable (external) - Drive to Disk II Interface card
  • Interface Cable Lock (plastic)
  • Head shield
  • Mechanical Assy for parts. This is a non functional drive - usually because of alignment issues, but includes everything else not listed here. *May or may not include the Door. Look here for specific parts from this assembly.

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