Paintworks Gold

  • Media: 3.5 Disk
  • Processor or Model: IIGS
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Activision
  • Other Requirements: 1.25 MB

Paintworks Gold, all the power, color, and ease of use that helped make Paintworks Plus the best-selling IIgs paint program of its time.

This program Has two kinds of 3-D perspectives. You can paint on two canvases at the same time. You can resize, bend, distort, rotate objects, and mask objects. With constrained lasso it quickly and easily captures details, it allows smearing, shading, and smooths colors and edges. This version of soft ware includes variable-zoom FatBits, multiple transparent colors, automatic gradient palette, 16-color super high resolution, four independent color sets, color cycling, variable-speed animation, on-screen help and is compatible with all IIGS graphics formats.

Package includes manual with addendum and 2 disks.


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