Epson ES-600C Scanner SCSI

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  • Condition: Clean with no discoloration
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Epson
  • Contents: Scanner, SCSI cable and power cord

A flatbed scanner that optically scans images and documents.

  • Epson ES-600C
  • Flatbed scanner 300 DPI
  • 50 pin SCSI

The Epson ES-600C is a full-color flatbed image scanner with an 8 1/2 x 11 inch (letter) size scanning area. It has the ability to scan in color (24 bit) or gray-scale monochrome (8 bit), making it ideal for virtually all uses, from simple drawings to complex full-color illustrations.

Drivers are available for Mac OS 7 & 8
Windows 3.1-NT

Drivers and Documentation available at Epson:

I downloaded the Mac driver from Epson, installed it, plugged in the scanner and scanned with no problems.

This flatbed color scanner is a large one at 22"x13"x5".

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Price: $10.00

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