Access Guide To The Web

Volume 2

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Access Media Guide To The Web volume 2, is a collection of 971 sites that have been reviewed in Access Magazine. Published in 2000, ISBN 1-931108-00-5, 161 pages. A nostalgic look at sites selected for review based on content, design and composition.

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America Online For Dummies

4th Edition

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Whether you’re interested in email or chat rooms, investments or the Internet, America Online is the place to find it. This light-hearted, easy to use reference is your personal guide to the coolest information, the best shopping, and the zaniest chats on the world’s largest online service. Featuring goodies for first-timers, old-timers and all the ‘timers in between, this down to earth reference delivers the information you need to make online life fun!

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AppleColor RGB Monitor – IIGS A2M6014 Scratched

Sold out!
Scratch and dent sale

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The AppleColor RGB Monitor, Apple A2M6014 was made for the Apple IIGS. Featuring High resolution 12″ analog RGB color, this monitor plugs directly into the monitor port of the IIGS. Even though the DB-15 port looks the same as the Macintosh, it has different signals.

There are several of these monitors in stock. They all have scratches in the middle of the screen from improper transportation or storage prior to coming to me. The scratched area contains multiple scratches up to a 2″ diameter in the very center of the screen and some of the scratches are deep. Shown is an example of one of the screens. These monitors are in working condition. Coloring varies – or should I say discoloration. They have no feet and no riser bar at the front. Power cable is attached. Monitor interface cable sold separately

These monitors take me a long time to package properly for shipping, so these monitors are free for local pickup or $35.00 for my time and materials to pack it. Shipping charges will be added at checkout.

If more than one is desired, please check with me before purchasing and I’ll verify available quantities

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Kogeto Dot Panoramic Video Attachment

For the iPhone 4/4S

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Share the world around you with Dot–the pocket-friendly 360 degree panoramic video attachment for iPhone 4 and 4S. Using the free Looker app available in the App Store and on iTunes, you can film and instantly share 360 degree panoramic video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Shoot 360 Degree Panoramic Video from the Palm of Your Hand
Snap Dot onto your iPhone 4, download the free Looker app, and instantly record fully immersive 360 degree videos right on your iPhone. Going to a concert? You can record the show and the audience. Heading out on a road trip? Leave Dot on the dashboard and record your highway adventures. No matter what you’re recording, Dot sees everything.
Share 360 Degree Panoramic Video with Friends
Watch your videos on your iPhone 4 by swiping your screen to virtually spin around, or switch modes and view them in panoramic widescreen. Looker allows you to instantly share your 360 degree world with friends and family (via Facebook, Twitter, or upload to “DotSpots” on right from the palm of your hand.
How Does It Work?
Kogeto’s compact and durable iCONIC lens works with the iPhone 4’s HD video camera to capture full 360 degree video–all at once–without stitching frames together. The unique catadioptric optical system is fully AR-coated for excellent color fidelity in all environments. Dot is a lightweight attachment that doesn’t require batteries or external power.

All that is in this box is the Dot in red. Untested, sold as-is. Note: The Looker app in no longer in the app store.

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Macintosh Plus M0001A Non Working

For Parts or Repair

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The Plus was the third model in the Macintosh family and the first to include a SCSI port. Apple Model #M0001A. It sports a 9″ black and white monitor, an 8 MHz 68000 processor, has 1 MB of RAM – expandable to 4, and has an 800k 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Operating Systems supported – 1.1 to 7.5.5. Retail price was $2600 and was sold from 1986 to 1990. The Plus was the last Mac to use a phone cord for the keyboard and a DE-9 pin mouse – both went to ADB in later models. Keyboard, mouse and power cable not included.

Several available, all need repair and may have scuffs, scratches, light areas from former stickers, etc. All have been cleaned and initial test results below. Sold as-is. I haven’t had a chance to look at any of these further. At least one has screws missing. Photo is for illustration only and not what you will receive.

Choose from the following:

A) **F4041LXM0001
Beige, NO name on front, unk MB. No power – chugging noises. Minor scrapes & dings, looks nice

B) **F6444DVM0001A
Beige, name on front, 1MB. Sm pry marks, doesn’t eject, screen distortion, lines and fuzzy

C) **F702F4YM0001A
Beige, name on front, unk MB. Screen comes on, crackling noise, floppy keeps ejecting, no boot because of floppy

D) **F6464DKM0001A
Beige, name on front, unk MB. No power – ticks. Something moving inside

E) **F6491A5M0001A
Beige, name on front, unk MB. No power – faint noises. Scuffs

F) **F7142WSM0001A
Platinum, 1MB, security bar. Front housing cracked at top corners, pen/pencil screen corners, floppy works but finicky

G) **F8281JCM0001A
Platinum, unk MB. Boots, but no display. L-m discoloration top & left side. Nicks – one gouge by screen.

H) **F7406ABM0001A
Platinum, unk MB. No power – clicking noise. Pry marks around front housing. Something moving inside.

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The Presentation Design Book ~ 2nd Edition

A Sensible Approach to Sensational Presentations

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The Presentation Design Book: Tips, Techniques & Advice for Creating Effective, Attractive Slides, Overheads, Multimedia Presentations, Screen Shows.
It’s not about your hardware or software. It’s about what you make with what you have. The second edition of the popular introduction to the world of desktop publishing discusses multimedia for the 1990s, presentation design with animated sequences, and production issues with multimedia.

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