The iMac for Dummies ~ 2nd Edition

  • Condition: Like New!
  • ISBN: 076450648X
  • Year: 1999
  • Pages: 406
  • Author: David Pogue

Covers Mac OS 9 and iMac DV (G3)

Now updated and expanded. Covers Mac OS 9 and iMac DV. Get on the Internet in 10 minutes even if you've never used a computer before! This patient, friendly guide from renowned Mac expert David Pogue leads you step by step from the On button to the Internet - absolutely no technical experience required! Now updated with all-new chapters on digital movie-making, wireless networking, and e-mail attachments, it's all you need to have more fun with your iMac. Discover how to: Use AppleWorks and other built-in tools. Get more out of the Web with Sherlock 2. Take off with AirPort wireless networking. Make digital movies with iMac DV. Set up a home network. Troubleshoot problems. Get smart!

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