The Macintosh Bible, Panther, 9th Edition

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  • Condition: Acceptable- library
  • ISBN: 0321213491
  • Year: 2004
  • Pages: 1028
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Peachpit

Panther Edition features more than two dozen top Mac experts!

When the last edition of The Macintosh Bible was published Mac OS X was still in its infancy, the full suite of free Mac iLife apps had yet to appear, and the idea of switching from a PC to a Mac was still considered heresy by most Windows aficionados. Obviously, a lot has changed: Here to address those changes is the 9th Edition of the most comprehensive Mac resource on the planet. Offering an expanded chapter on digital media, a new appendix on switching (not just from Windows to Mac OS X but from earlier Mac OS versions as well), an increased focus on the newest (and newly mature) OS X versions, and brand-new interviews with Mac luminaries (at the end of each chapter), this completely revised volume offers something for Mac users of all stripes and skill levels. Leaders of the Mac community address every aspect of Mac use here, packing in hundreds of tips, trivia, sidebars, and other goodies along the way.

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