Macintosh IIci Logic Board

25 Mhz

Apple 661-0532, 820-0242-A, 820-0242. Mac IIci logic board. 25MHz 68030 processor.

All are in working condition as of today. Capacitors on all are leaking (Thought I had one that was good! But on minute inspection, one of the caps had just started). I have done an initial cleaning of the gunk with alcohol and tried testing again. These range from barely just started leaking to having been that way for a long time.

These can be great DYI projects or there are people that provide recapping service such as Mac Caps.

Available AS IS, no warranty.

1) Standard IIci board, no memory

2) Standard IIci board, with 8 MB memory

3) Standard IIci board, with 20 MB memory

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