Macintosh Plus Motherboard

Logic Board

Apple 661-0525, 820-0174. Motherboard for the Mac Plus. Pulled from a working Plus.

Photo is for illustration only and not what you will receive. Other variations will be listed here as they are available.

A) Rev C Without Memory

B) Rev C With 1MB Memory

Note that while the Plus doesn't seem to be affected as much as other models, all 68xxx (pre PowerPC) logic boards have been, are, or will be soon experiencing capacitors leaking. Apple Rescue of Denver does not currently offer board level repairs. If the capacitor problem is noticeable when inspected, it will be indicated in the description. The computers these were in booted and ran. Unless otherwise indicated, no other repairs have been performed. It is always possible that board levels repairs have been done prior to coming into inventory. As such, they are Sold As-Is with no warranty.

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