AppleCD SC Plus (SS1380Z0)

  • Model Number: M3021
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple


Add a CD Drive to that Early Macintosh or Apple IIGS!

Apple's second model, the external AppleCD SC Plus, M3021 features a 1X CD-ROM drive. This drive uses an included Caddy for the CD's - the CD-ROM is loaded into the caddy, then the caddy is loaded into the drive. Works on a Mac or Apple IIGS.
System requirements for Macintosh: The drivers for System 7.6 and up are available from the Mac Driver Museum. It looks like there may be drivers for earlier systems there as well. At some point, they are included, no additional drivers necessary for OS 9 (tested on OS 9.1). For the Apple IIGS, drivers are built into the GS/OS operating system starting in System 5.

This drive shows no discoloration. It does have deep engraving on one side. One of the tabs for the top of the case is broken.

What's included: AppleCD SC Drive, cd caddy and power cable.
Drive is available with or without a SCSI cable and SCSI terminator.

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