CD-ROM Drive – External SCSI

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Pick one - NEC, Toshiba, Pioneer

Pioneer DR-U124X, Toshiba XM-5401and NEC CDR-210 are among the current choices, all are tray load. One of the most common CD-ROM enclosures of the '90's, they were used by many manufacturers. Slightly smaller than the Apple cases, at approximately 12" x 6" x 2", they all feature two Centronics 50 SCSI ports, Audio ports, selectable SCSI ID, power switch. No cables included. Uses a standard computer power cable (free by request). Also available as an enclosure only, put your own CD, Zip or hard drive into it.

Some drives in this group, such as the NEC CDR-210 are supposed to work on an Apple IIGS. Please do your own research.

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