iMac G4

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The iMac G4, is like no other. Very memorable design features a 10.6" white half spherical base with a chrome neck leading up to a multi-adjustable LCD flat panel display.

These iMacs are coming in without extra goodies, so any original software, keyboards and mice, or external speakers are sold separately as there are few, if any, available. All include a power cable.

Select computer below. Photos are from a 15" and are illustrative only:

15" display features an 800 MHz G4 Processor, 768 Mb RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive and a superdrive - DVD-RW optical drive. M6498, PowerMac4,2. This iMac has 3 USB and 2 Firewire ports. Wireless! This one has a new install of Tiger and also has iWork and iLife '08 installed.

Please Note: Lacking the original shipping box and materials, it does take several hours to custom package monitors and some all in one computers for safe shipping. If I have the original box and materials, that fee will be refunded if the box is returned so it can be used again.

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