iMac G5 20″ ALS 2.0 GHz

2 GHz and Ambient Light Sensor

iMac G5, A1076. Features 2.0 GHz PowerPC processor, 20” ALS Display - Ambient Light Sensor, 1GB Ram, 250GB hard drive with a fresh install of Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, and a Superdrive!

Has Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, built in speakers, 3 USB 2.0 ports and 2 Firewire 400 ports.

This iMac comes from the original owner. Thoroughly tested and works great! there are a couple of nicks on the top front edge of the case, and 2 holes drilled into the stand.

Comes with a power cable. Keyboards and mice are sold separately.

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Price: $150.00

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