Power Mac G4 400 Mhz (PCI Graphics)(SG9442X)

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Apple Power Macintosh G4/400 (PCI Graphics), M5183, is based on the Yikes! architecture.
Includes and features:

  • 400 MHz PowerPC (G4) processor
  • 32X CD-ROM drive
  • 250 MB Zip Drive
  • 80 GB Hard Drive with a new install of Mac OS 10.3.5 and OS 9.2.1
  • 512 MB RAM
  • ATI Rage 128 Graphics with a VGA port
  • 56K V.90 internal Modem

Comes with the original keyboard, power cable, Install/Restore disk, Setting Up and Troubleshooting manuals, registration, warranty, AppleCare info and the Apple bag to put them in.
While there are minor scratches and scrapes, the case looks nice.

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