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The big one!

Apple ImageWriter LQ, A9M0340. Letter Quality dot matrix printer with a 15" carriage and a 27 pin, 216 DPI print head.

Several in stock, self test performed and all come with a used ribbon, power cable and serial printer cable (8 pin mini-DIN both ends). All may have scratches, scuffs, had former stickers, etc,. Choose below:

  • #1 - SN 180801549, ROM Rev 00. Light to medium discoloration, most noticeable under the paper area on top and where there were stickers.
  • Sold! #2 - SN 182700851, ROM Rev 02. Nice with maybe light discoloration. With paper separator in the back.
  • Sold! #3 - SN 181001381, ROM Rev 02. Some discoloration noticeable on the top of the sides and from a sticker on the front.
  • Sold! #4 - SN 182201474, ROM Rev 00. Nice with maybe light discoloration. (pictured above)

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