Lacie Joule HD 270 External SCSI Hard Drive


LaCie has always been about stylish storage and the award winning Joule is no exception. The LaCie Joule HD270 features a 270 MB in a slide in hard drive module. The SCSI 2 interface control unit lets you set the SCSI ID and termination power and has one SCSI-2 HD50 port.

36 MB of LaCie software includes Silverlining 5.6 & 5.6.3, utilities, demos, shareware, virus fighters and timesavers for OS 6 and 7. Identical software is on both available drives, and there were no bad sectors found on either.

Several options in stock include:

  • Drive 1 - Great working drive (set includes hard drive and control module)(D744504J576/D7445055551)
  • Drive 2 - Great working drive with a finicky connection (set includes hard drive and control module)(D745007K576/D7450KQ551).
  • Parts group (2 control modules that power on and one hard drive housing). Note the broken mounting posts in the housing. Sold as-is.

No cables are included

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