Quantum 50 pin SCSI Hard Drive

270 MB - LPS / Maverick ProDrive


50 pin SCSI interface. Fast SCSI or SCSI-2. All were pulled from LaCie External hard drive cases prior to coming to me. The drives have been wiped and tested. Most are formatted with Silverlining and are suitable as either an internal or an external drive for your Mac.

  • Quantum
  • ProDrive LPS - 270S TB27S011 REV 04-B S59.00
  • 270 MB
  • 3.5" HH
  • 50 pin SCSI-2 SE


  • Quantum
  • Maverick ProDrive - 270S MV27S011 REV 03-E
  • 270 MB
  • 3.5" HH
  • 50 pin SCSI-2

Note: You may need to set jumpers and termination for internal or external use


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