Apple ImageWriter II Printer G0010

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Use on any Apple computer through 1998.

Plug and Play Apple II and Macintosh!

This is the third and final model of the ImageWriter II printer, Apple G0010 (C0090LL/A). The power supply changed in this model, making it the lightest ImageWriter II. The AC input and serial port were moved to the side of the body rather than in the legs.

Serial interface ~ miniDIN 8 pin port ~ works on all Apple II's (requires a Super Serial Card II for the ][, ][ Plus and //e) and Macintosh computers. Serial cable required, but not included as there are several variations depending on which computer will be used. Power cable is free upon request but not included as you may not need one.

**Photos are for illustration only and will NOT be the printer that you get**


Two currently available and both work well. Choose below:

  • #1 - SN TF03833W. Medium discoloration
  • #2 - SN TF0341MN. Blotchy discoloration from light on the left and back to severe on the right.

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