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Covers for the ImageWriter II printer

Covers available for the ImageWriter II printer include the rear Tractor Feed Cover, the Top Cover assembly, and the Top and Smoked covers separately.

While some parts are interchangeable between the three ImageWriter II models, the first model, A9M0310 is a different color - "snow white" versus the platinum gray of the other models. The top cover is shown with a mounting tab in the center of the front. Some of these covers have two tabs, none in the very center (not counting the magnet tab at the far right on all models). This cover is not interchangeable, so look closely at the top of your printer and model number before ordering.

Coloring varies from Medium to Severe (pictured). Smoked covers will have at least minor scuffs or scratches, but a few have heavier scratches. Note that a Top Cover Assembly with Severe coloring will have the most scratches on the smoked cover part, so any choice about scratches applies to the separate Smoked part of the cover only.

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