Apple Keyboard II – Key Caps (Version B)

M0487 ~ SMK

Keycaps for the Apple Keyboard II. These key caps are only used on Version B of Apple Model M0487.

Identifiers: The underside of the cap has a rectangular post and legs that stick down, and looking at the keyboard, there is a white rectangular switch with wings. Serial number of keyboard starts with an S (also maybe T), and if you have taken the cover off, controller board and inside of top are clearly marked SMK. Please refer to the Apple Keyboard II Parts page for more information.

Due to the number of variations (all keys are listed here), all other keyboard parts including the switches, space bar spring and wires that go under the caps are found on the Apple Keyboard II Parts page.

These keys have light discoloration. The lettering on the keys - e - s - d - are worn. Key caps only - the wires and clips that go under large keys such as shift, space bar, etc. Are found here.

Note: Some of the plastic legs or posts on the underside of some of the keys have been bent or broken off. This does not seem to affect functionality. If this is a concern, contact me about the specific keys you are interested in.

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