Macintosh 128K, 512K, Plus Keyboard

M0110 & M0110A

The first Macintosh keyboards and mice.
M0110 is Beige to match the original Macintosh.
M0110A extended keyboard came out with the Plus. Available in both Beige and Platinum.

There are a limited number of keyboard cables and very few mice available, so they are currently only available with purchase of a keyboard.

All have been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and tested to work. Most look very nice! Some may have a property tag on them, and a few have varying degrees of discoloration. The Platinum keyboards in stock now have at least light discoloration on the case. As always, nicest ones ship first.

Note! The feet on some, especially the small keyboards, M0110, have been covered with small pieces of tape as they seem to be dissolving and sticky.

Available as:

  • Keyboard only
  • Keyboard with cable
  • Keyboard with cable and Mouse

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Price: from $75.00

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