Apple LaserWriter II Controller Board IINT IINTX IIF IIG

Called many names: I/O board, Main board, Logic board, or Motherboard

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LaserWriter II controller boards for the IINT, IINTX, IIF and IIG. All have been tested to work and will come with the startup print page containing number of pages printed.

  • IINT boards come with 2MB of on board RAM. 1396 to 142078 pages printed.
  • IINTX boards are available with 2 to 5MB of RAM. 7609 to 403163 pages printed.
  • IIf boards are available with 5 or 8MB of RAM. 23331 to 33005 pages printed.
  • IIg boards are available with 5 or 8MB of RAM. 2679 to 67497 pages printed.
  • Accelawriter board is a third party resident controller board by Xante with 8MB RAM and 28879 pages printed.

Lowest page numbers boards will ship first.

Please note that these boards, like the 68k Macs, have capacitors that may need to be replaced. All were working when tested, and will be visually inspected before shipping, I have no means of testing again before shipping as I don’t have a LaserWriter II in stock anymore. Sold as-is, no warranty.

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Apple LaserWriter II Printer IINT IINTX IIF IIG

Printer only – needs a board

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Apple LaserWriter II, Model M6000. Looks great and was used to test over 30 controller or main boards. It comes with a paper tray and may need toner. A power cable is free upon request.

Boards are available and sold separately here.

(Photos are for illustration only and may not be the printer you receive)

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Price: $50.00

Apple LaserWriter Pro 630

Localtalk, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422 Serial, Centronics Parallel

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LaserWriter Pro 630, Model M5890

• introduced 1993.01.01; discontinued 1994.09.01
• CPU: 25 MHz 68030
• ROM: 2 MB
• RAM: 8 MB, expandable to 32 MB using 80ns 72-pin RAM (2 slots)
• resolution: 600 dpi
• speed: 8 pages per minute
• minimum life: 450,000
• engine: Canon EX
• interfaces: Ethernet, LocalTalk, RS-232, Parallel
• languages: PostScript 2, HP LaserJet IIP (PCL4+)
• size (H/W/D): 12.1″ x 16.82″ x 16.9″
• weight: 39 lb.
• power supply: 560W

Several of these printers are in stock. All show discoloration in areas, may have minor scuffs and scratches, and look similar to what is pictured. All had issues with paper jams, but rollers have been treated minimally with rubber rejuvinator and seem to be working fine. Testing done with Appletalk, Apple Printer Utility and OS 9.1.

They still have a long life yet, pages printed range from 6196 to 44791. Out of at least 450,000.

Unknown toner levels although all include a cart, 8MB RAM, letter tray, and startup and configuration pages. No cables included, but a power cable free upon request if you need one.

Please note that I do not repair printers. Pretty much they work or they don’t. I may swap a minor part or two if needed. All may need basic cleaning inside and servicing.

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Price: $175.00

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Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

Networkable Postscript printer!

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Apple LaserWriter Select 360, M2008. This is a nice looking Apple refurbished printer in it’s original (not so great of shape) box.

Specs include: 600 DPI, 7MB RAM, 35 fonts in ROM, Postscript Level 2, PCL 5, 10 pages per minute.

Ports support LocalTalk RS-232/RS-422 Serial and Centronics Parallel. Fuji Xerox Pro print engine, AMD29200 at 16 MHz and LaserJet IIID emulation.

Page count of 4786, (min of 300,000) loads of life left!

No way to tell how much toner is left. Printer only. Power cable free upon request.

Product not in stock

Price: $150.00

HP Color LaserJet 2600N Printer (USB)

First page out speed is 20 seconds!

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HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer offers affordable color printing. Features:

• 16 megabytes (MB) of double data rate random-access memory (DDR RAM)
• Prints up to 8 pages per minute (ppm) in both black and color
• First page out speed is 20 seconds for both black and color
• 2.0 hi-speed universal serial bus (USB) port
• On-board networking for connecting to a 10/100Base-T network
• One single-sheet priority feed slot (tray 1) for standard media sizes
• One universal 250-sheet tray (tray 2) that holds up to 250 sheets of print media or 10 envelopes
• One optional 250-sheet tray (tray 3)
• 2400 dots per inch (dpi) color output quality using HP Image Resolution Enhancement Technology (ImageREt) 2400
• 600×600 dpi text and graphics output quality
• HP Color LaserJet 2600n host-based driver
• 2,000-page capacity HP UltraPrecise color print cartridges in cyan, yellow, and magenta
• 2,500-page capacity HP UltraPrecise black print cartridge

Information from setup to drivers are available from HP. Mac OS 10.2.8 to 10.7* and Windows 98 to Windows 8. Note from previous owner that there may not be full compatibility with Mac OS 10.7. Latest test printed with Mac OS 10.4.
Product overview is here, with links to drivers and other info.

What’s included: Hp Color LaserJet 2600n printer, CD, current and historical supplies status and self test pages along with instructions for double sided printing and cartridge override. Printer looks and works great! Current stats: 9,437 pages printed. 2,281 pages remaining black, 522 pages remaining yellow and cyan, 839 pages remaining magenta.

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HP LaserJet 2100M Printer (AppleTalk)

AppleTalk or Parallel

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HP LaserJet 2100M, C4171A, gives sharp, professional output. 1200 dpi, 10 ppm with a 66 MHz processor, 40 MB Memory, IrDA wireless, and two input sources. Instant on fuser and powersaver mode.

Printer is in excellent condition and has a page count of only 9200! Toner included, but may need to be replaced.

Information and drivers are available from HP. Parallel port for Windows, AppleTalk (serial) port for Macintosh.

Drivers available for Mac OS 8 through OS 10.6. Note that the software downloaded and installed on OS 9.1 only allows for AppleTalk or USB connection. To use USB, you would need a serial to USB converter/adapter (not included).

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HP LaserJet 4L 4ML Paper Tray Cassette

For all paper sizes.

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Genuine HP paper tray cassette for LaserJet 4L or 4ML printer. Part number RB1-3140. Paper tray is in excellent condition.

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Price: $14.99

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Laser Toner Cartridge EP-S SX

LaserWriter II and many others!

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HP 92295A or 95A, Apple M6002

Toner Cartridge for Apple LaserWriter II, HP LaserJet II, III, Canon LBP
and other SX, EPS based printers.

In stock are new HP and compatible cartridges (various brands), select below. All boxes have been opened, but the inner bags are still sealed.

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LaserWriter II Paper Tray Cartridge Cassette

Need a paper tray for your LaserWriter or LaserJet II?

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For Laser Printers that use the Canon SX engine including:

HP LaserJet II / III series
Apple LaserWriter II series

Tray appears to be in great condition and is functional. There may be some scuffs or marks from normal use.

Legal size now available as well – HP branded covers, please select below.

Pictured is an Apple cover and those will ship first. The HP covers for all have yellowed, but are still fully functional.

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LaserWriter Pro Paper Tray Cassette

600, 630, 16/600

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Apple 922-0382 Paper Cassette or input tray for a LaserWriter Pro 600, 630 or LaserWriter 16/600.

All have some discoloration on the front

Available in Letter or Legal size.

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