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Localtalk, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422 Serial, Centronics Parallel

LaserWriter Pro 630, Model M5890

• introduced 1993.01.01; discontinued 1994.09.01
• CPU: 25 MHz 68030
• ROM: 2 MB
• RAM: 8 MB, expandable to 32 MB using 80ns 72-pin RAM (2 slots)
• resolution: 600 dpi
• speed: 8 pages per minute
• minimum life: 450,000
• engine: Canon EX
• interfaces: Ethernet, LocalTalk, RS-232, Parallel
• languages: PostScript 2, HP LaserJet IIP (PCL4+)
• size (H/W/D): 12.1″ x 16.82″ x 16.9″
• weight: 39 lb.
• power supply: 560W

Several of these printers are in stock. All show discoloration in areas, may have minor scuffs and scratches, and look similar to what is pictured. All had issues with paper jams, but rollers have been treated minimally with rubber rejuvinator and seem to be working fine. Testing done with Appletalk, Apple Printer Utility and OS 9.1.

They still have a long life yet, pages printed range from 6196 to 44791. Out of at least 450,000.

Unknown toner levels although all include a cart, 8MB RAM, letter tray, and startup and configuration pages. No cables included, but a power cable free upon request if you need one.

Please note that I do not repair printers. Pretty much they work or they don’t. I may swap a minor part or two if needed. All may need basic cleaning inside and servicing.

Product in stock

Price: $175.00

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