Educational K-Z (Mac)

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Title Author/Publisher Version Contents Media/ISBN Price Mac OS
A K-12 Preview Educational Resources CD CD free
B Kid Pix Broderbund User's Guide free
C Kid Pix Companion Broderbund User's Guide free
D Kid Pix Studio Broderbund CD CD $5.00
E Kid's CD Sampler Sierra CD CD $5.00
F Macintosh Tips for Teachers Mountain Lake Booklet free
G MacMath Hubbard, West 9.2 Book 0387941355 free
H Macmillan Computer Literacy Macmillan Book 0022000003 free
I Magic Tales Demo Disk Davidson CD CD $5.00
J Mario Teaches Typing Macplay Manual free
K Math Blaster Mystery Davidson Box, Manual, 1 disk 800k $10.00 Plus 6.0.4
L MathType MathType 3.6 User Manual, Version 3.1 Supplement, CD CD $5.00 7.1
M My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary DK CD CD $5.00
N Newton Software Sunburst 2.0 1 disk - #6840-Learner Profile ver 2.0 800k $5.00 7.0 plus Newton OS 2.0
O Purple Moon Sampler Purple Moon CD (Friendship Adventures) CD free
P School Fonts Mountain Lake Instructions free
Q Sesame Street Numbera Creative Wonders CD CD $5.00
R Spotlight on Computer Literacy Richman Revised Book 0676396232 free
S Spotlight on Computer Literacy Richman Revised Book - Teacher's Guide 0676396240 free
T StudyWare for the LSAT Studyware 3.7N 1 disk 800k free
U Super Munchers Quick Instructions free
V The Incredible Machine Sierra 3.0 Booklet, CD CD $5.00
W The Writing Center The Learning Company User,s Guide, Ready Reference, Getting it all Together, 4 non original disks 1.4mb $10.00 Plus 6
X The Yukon Trail Mecc 1.0 CD CD $5.00
Y TimeLiner Tom Snyder 4.0.2 Binder, Teacher's Guide, literature & worksheets, 4 disks total (Program, Space Data, History of Exploration) 800k $10.00 Plus 6.0.3
Z Write For Kids Weiskamp Book, sealed 1.4 disk 1883577055 $10.00 6.0.6
AA Yobi's Magic Spelling Tricks Sierra Manual free
AB Your Personal Trainer for the GRE Davidson 1.0 5 disk set 1.4mb $5.00

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