Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia

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  • Condition: Great!
  • Year: 1995
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • System: 7.0
  • RAM or Memory: 4MB
  • Processor or Model: 68020
  • Other Requirements: Hard Disk
    Color Monitor recommended
    CD-ROM Drive
  • Contents: Manual and CD-Rom

Compton's New Media

Welcome to Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia (CIE) for the Macintosh, a comprehensive source of information and research tools that will change the way you and your family study and learn. CIE features Virtual Workspace, a new and powerful tool that makes information gathering, organizing, and storing easier and more productive than ever before. Employing a map to navigate through a world of multiple media windows, Virtual Workspace adds a new dimension to working with your computer. Users of all ages now can truly enjoy researching information with new levels of motivation and intensity.

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