DiskFit Pro 1.1

  • Media: 3.5 Disk
  • Processor or Model: Plus
  • RAM or Memory: 1MB
  • System: 6
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Danz
  • Other Requirements: HFS Hard Drive
  • Contents: New Sealed Box

Fast - Easy - Efficient - Macintosh - Backup

Diskfit Pro does not try to be all things to all people. It's the best program you can get for backing up your Macintosh (System 6.0 and above) hard drive to disks - even removable cartridge "hard drives" such as the SyQuest. DiskFit Pro backs up your files without requiring more disks each time you use it. DiskFit Pro delivers what you need: fast and easy backup using the fewest possible disks by utilizing SmartSet to keep track of new, changed and obsolete files . Simply select which folders you want backed up or restored including the entire hard drive.

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