Apple IIe 80 Column/64K Memory Expansion (1981)

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  • Processor or Model: IIe
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple
  • Other Info: Note: Item pictured is representative, the actual item you receive may be a different revision or serial number

Extended 80-Column Text Card with 64K all on one card!

Apple Extended 80-Column Text Card - 1981, 1984 or 1985 (820-0067-B), 607-0103- (Card pictured is Rev. C). Following the 80-Column Text Card, Apple added 64K of memory to it and called it Extended. Marked on the card - AIIE 80COL/64K Memory Expansion

The card you receive may be slightly different and a different revision.

Manuals available are the Extended 80-Column Text Card Supplement (for this card) which builds on the original 80-Column Text Card Manual.

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