Apple Monitor II

  • Model Number: A2M2010
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple

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For your Apple II, II Plus or IIe

Apple Monitor II Model A2M2010, P/N 825-0560. 12" green, monochrome monitor made to match the beige Apple IIe although it can be used with all of the Apple II and III family of computers. Beige in color with a darker gray screen bezel, power button and back. The screen bezel tilts up and down for optimal viewing.

Built in power cable and will ship with a monitor cable.

***Photos are representative only and NOT what you will receive***

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Expect minor scuffs, scrapes and scratches, these are now more than 30 years old, but are clean, working, and have all their feet.

A) SN 0340869. Evenly colored - probably light discoloration. Property tag on top. Deep engraving (like with a branding iron) on top and both sides.

B) SN 0611817. Looks nice. Ground pin has been removed from the end of the power cable.

*Discount available for local pickup as it saves a lot of packing material and more importantly, a lot of time.*

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