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For the color monitors

Made for the Apple IIc, Apple A2M4027, stamped 8301-700-0, is used to support color monitors such as the ColorMonitor IIc or AppleColor Composite Monitor IIc. Snow white in color to match the IIc.

Apple II Monitor Stand, A2M4029, 815-1071, is a 3 piece platinum stand that was marketed towards both the IIc and the IIGS. For the same IIc monitors above or the AppleColor RGB Monitor for the IIGS. The illustrations suggest using it with the extenders for a IIc so the computer will fit under the lip of the stand, and without the extenders on a IIGS - two 3.5 drives can then fit side by side between the computer and monitor.

With the extensions, the A2M4029 sits approx 1" higher than the A2M4027. Both stands will work on either the IIc or the IIGS.
Stand only, monitors pictured are not included.

A2M4027 - good condition, may have scuffs and marks.

A2M4029 - looks unused and comes in it's original box. Included is a printed copy of the documentation that would have come with it.

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