Apple Multiple Scan 15

  • Model Number: M2943 (825-2950-A)
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple

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Great 15" Display

The Apple Multiple Scan (MultiScan) 15 Display, M2943, is a 15" Shadow Mask CRT color monitor. Features optimized screen resolutions (640x480, 800x600,832x624,1024x768), and a tilt-swivel base that allows the monitor to be positioned for optimal viewing comfort. This display should work with every Macintosh with a DB-15 15 pin display port - Macintosh II to Beige G3.

This Display looks and works great! Comes with the User's Guide and power cable by request. Excuse my actual screen picture, I could get a correct color screen only with the monitor looking yellow, or an accurately colored monitor with a purple/blueish tinted screen, so cropped it to show the former.

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