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Asante & DaynaPORT

These SCSi to Ethernet adapters provide a way to connect a Macintosh without an Ethernet port to a network using the computer’s SCSI port. These are used for the early Mac’s without a built in ethernet port such as compact Macs, LC family, Macintosh II family, Duo Docking stations and Powerbooks that have a SCSI port.

All tested and successfully networked an LCIII and a Power Mac 7300 using AppleTalk over EtherTalk. There are a ton of sites outlining what you need to do to use these, please do your own research.

Select from the following:

  1. DaynaPORT SCSI/Link-T, Model DP0801, has 2 female DB-25 SCSI ports on one end and an RJ45 Ethernet port, selectable SCSI ID, termination switch and power port on the other end.
  2. Farallon EtherMac SCSI adapter identical to the above (not pictured).
  3. Dayna Pocket SCSI/Link, Model DP0901 has one female DB-25 and one HDI-30 SCSI port with a terminateable SCSI ID switch on end and an RJ45 Ethernet port and power port on the other end. With ADB passthrough power cable(not pictured).
  4. Asante EN/SC adapter has 2 female DB-25 SCSI ports, one BNC port and RJ45 port and a SCSI ID switch. This one also has a female DB-15 AUI port and switch on the front (not pictured). Needs external termination.
  5. Asante EN/SC 10T adapter has 2 female DB-25 SCSI ports, one RJ45 port and a SCSI ID switch. Needs external termination.
  6. Asante Mini EN/SC adapter has one female DB-25 SCSI port, one BNC and RJ45 ports, SCSI ID and termination switches. This one comes with one SCSI cable for the PowerBook (G below).
  7. Asante SCSI pass through cable - HDI-30 to DB-25 male/female for PowerBooks
  8. Asante SCSI pass through cable - DB-25 male to DB-25 male/female

Asante and DaynaPORT drivers are available here
Asante Manual is available here.

All can be used with regular SCSI cables found here, or PowerBook SCSI cables here. Nothing is included with the adapters other than as noted.

Note: NONE come with an AC power adapter as I have only ever turned up is the Dayna one pictured. All but the Dayna Pocket SCSI/Link* were tested with this adapter.

Input 120V 60Hz 25W.
Output 12 VDC 800ma
Center positive

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