Apple Ethernet Thin Coax Transceiver M0329

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  1. Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple

10BASE2 ethernet

Apple's FriendlyNet 10BASE2 ethernet or thinnet networking.

This M0329 transceiver, with it's 4 foot cable, plugs into the AAUI ethernet port on your Mac marked with <..>. Coaxial cable is then used between two or more transceivers to network computers and printers. If Apple's coaxial cable is used, no BNC T-connectors or terminators are required. The transceiver will automatically terminate the network if a cable is not attached to one side. The Apple 10BASE2 coaxial cables will also terminate the network if no device is attached them.

The transceiver can only be used with a Mac or Apple device (eg printer) with an AAUI ethernet connector.

The AAUI ethernet port was introduced with the Quadra 700 and 900, it was a standard port on most Macs until discontinued with the G3. Some PowerBooks and LaserWriters also have this port.

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