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Epson MX-100 Terminal Printer ~ Parallel Interface

Dot Matrix ~ Impact Printer

Apple ][, ][ Plus, //e, IIGS

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This Epson MX-100 printer is in excellent condition! Use with any Apple II with a parallel printer card in one of the slots (usually slot 1), or any computer with a parallel interface or port. The previous owner attached a few stickers to show dip switch settings and a reminder of how many characters wide it would print. This printer came from an Apple II environment, so should be ready to go!

This is the wide carriage version of one of the first and probably most popular printers ever, the Epson MX-80. Epson MX-100 became available in early 1982. The MX-100 is a 136-column wide carriage model, and can print hi-res graphics without the need to add any special hardware. The MX-100 was released with a 15-inch platen to accomodate larger sheets of paper for printing spreadsheets and other forms of output which couldn’t be printed on 8 1/2″ paper. The MX-100 also included an improvement in the firmware which allowed it to print in higher resolution graphics, skip-over perforations, program the right margins, and print in a total of eight international character sets. Epson dot matrix printers were unique because they featured a “double print” mode where a line was printed normally, then the paper was advanced 1/216 of an inch and the same line printed again. This filled in some gaps between dots on individual letters, and made printouts more pleasing to the eye. Another feature was a mode in which the pins hit the ribbon harder and made it possible to make multiple copies using carbons.

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HP LaserJet 2100M Printer (AppleTalk)


AppleTalk or Parallel

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HP LaserJet 2100M, C4171A, gives sharp, professional output. 1200 dpi, 10 ppm with a 66 MHz processor, 40 MB Memory, IrDA wireless, and two input sources. Instant on fuser and powersaver mode.

Printer is in excellent condition and has a page count of only 9200! Toner included, but may need to be replaced.

Information and drivers are available from HP. Parallel port for Windows, AppleTalk (serial) port for Macintosh.

Drivers available for Mac OS 8 through OS 10.6. Note that the software downloaded and installed on OS 9.1 only allows for AppleTalk or USB connection. To use USB, you would need a serial to USB converter/adapter (not included). And yet another note – current drivers available on HP are only for OS 8 and 9.

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Printer Stand

For Dot Matrix continuous paper printers

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Add legs to your printer with this adjustable width stand. Most commonly used with dot matrix or continuous feed printers. Lets you stack your paper underneath the printer, thus separating it from the printed paper coming out.

All stands are from a variety of manufacturers and look slightly different. ***Box photo is now for illustration only***. Available now are a couple of used sets where one of the bottom rails has been cracked and glued (one has had four holes drilled in each stand for mounting). Does not affect functionality. Also available is a larger set (16″ long instead of 12″) that sits flat instead of angled but has three height position inserts to adjust the angle.

All are sold as a set of two (pair).

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