Apple iBook G4 (#UV415H98QPJ)

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  • Year: Early 2004
  • Model Number: A1054
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple


12" Screen ~ 1024 MHz

Early 2004 Apple iBook G4. A1054, M9426LL/A, EMC 1916Q, PowerBook 6,5.

This iBook features a 1.0 Ghz G4 processor, 12 inch screen, DVD-Rom/CD-RW Combo optical drive, Airport Extreme and BlueTooth in an opaque white case. Upgrades from the 2nd owner include 768 MB Ram and a 250 GB that was installed a couple of years ago. Performance has been flawless. iBook includes a fresh install of Leopard, OS 10.5.x (you will need to enter your info, then update to 10.5.8 via Software Update) a good battery - I think it lasts a couple of hours, power adapter and a Targus carrying case.

The only flaw that I can find are a few keys with the letters worn, and a missing long carrying strap from the laptop bag.

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