Mustek 800 IISP Scanner ~ SCSI

  • System: 7.0
  • Contents: Mustek 800 IISP Scanner, SCSI card (for Windows machines), Mustek Scanner Solutions CD, SCSI cable, Power cable, Unopened Picture Publisher CD, Some Mustek Tutorials printed from their site many years ago

50 pin SCSI Complete!

Just about plug and play on the Mac. Just install the software, plug it in and scan! It is clean with no discoloration. Color It! 3.0 is on the CD for the Mac - nice bonus and I'm sure there's goodies for the PC side as well. This one came from a friend who used to use Windows 98 on a Pentium III. It worked great on that and an the Mac as well!

Latest Drivers are available at Mustek:

Drivers on CD are for Mac OS 7.0
Windows 3.1 & 95

Product in stock

Price: $10.00

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