Apple Personal Modem (#1391)

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  • Model Number: A9M0334
  • Publisher / Manufacturer: Apple


Use with Any Apple II, III, Lisa (Mac XL), or Macintosh up to the Beige G3 with the appropriate data (serial) cable.

Apple Personal Modem, A9M0334. Also on label is the part number P/N 825-1412-B. This little modem is designed to plug directly into a wall outlet. The Apple Personal Modem can run at baud rates of 300 or 1200 bits per second. Modem flashes the light and beeps when plugged in, signaling that the circuitry is operating properly and receiving power. This Personal Modem is showing discoloration, scuffs and has a crack on one of the corners - in the photos it can be seen to the right of the whiter area on the side. There is engraving in the case on the other side. Tested to power on only as I don't have a telephone service capable of dial-up.

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