Tape Drives (SCSI)

MaxStream 60 – Tape Backup System

External SCSI Case

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MaxStream 60 by Maynard, Model 70500. This external SCSI case is in great condition and can be used to house a SCSI hard drive or CD drive if you don’t want to use it for the original purpose – a 60MB tape backup. Tested to power on only as I do not have a tape to fit it. The power button is missing.

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Storage Dimensions Write-Once Optical SCSI Worm Drive

50 Pin Centronics – External

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Manufactured in 1990, Storage Dimensions Write-Once Optical drive, Model LNW1-900S1. The technology is called – Mass Storage – Worm or write once magneto optical drive. The case matches the Macintosh II line and has a SCSI interface (Centronics 50). Drive came in with a 940MB Panasonic Optical Disk Cartridge LM-D501W.

Tested on a Mac 9600 with SilverLining, the drive is recognized, no problem, but the disk cartridge is bad. The case is in great condition, but missing all of the feet and light to medium discoloration overall. The disk cartridge (not pictured) will be included.

At a hefty 16 lbs (shipping weight), this 15 x 8 x 6 inch drive is no lightweight.

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